Arctic Semiconductor Ships Its First 5G RF Chipset, IceWings, for the 5G Market


Universal RF Chipset Leader Changes Name from SiTune, Focusing on 5G solutions.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 16, 2023 — Arctic Semiconductor, a leader in low-power universal RF chipsets, today announced it has rebranded from SiTune Corporation to Arctic Semiconductor, to emphasize its focus on 5G RF products.


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SiTune Introduces High-Performance DOCSIS 3.1 "Total Spectrum Reception™" (TSR™) Cable RF Front End

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- SiTune Corporation, an innovative pioneer in CMOS Radio Frequency (RF) transceivers, tuners and wireless radios today announced the release of its latest Cable RF Front End chipset, STN93321. This chip is an advanced, high-performance, low power, TSR (Total Spectrum Reception) cable RF Front End optimized to surpass the strictest performance requirements associated with DOCSIS 3.1 digital cable modems and gateways.

The new STN93321 cable tuner acquires and digitizes the entire 54MHz to 1218MHz downstream spectrum, making it capable of supporting multi-Gb/s broadband access for cable users. It is also capable of transmitting upstream OFDMA channels up to the frequency of 204MHz per DOCSIS 3.1 requirements. STN93321 can deliver 32 QAM and 2 OFDM (192MHz) downstream channels over multiple high-speed SERDES interface lines to the Intel Puma Processors. A complete D3.1 Reference design based on STN93321 is available and tested according to CableLabs ATP requirements by leading cable CPE manufacturers.

STN93321 is designed based on "Total Spectrum ReceptionTM" (TSRTM) technology which is an innovative low-power, high dynamic range patented architecture enabling total DOCSIS 3.1 frequency band reception. At its core, TSRTM technology integrates multi-Gb/s high-speed Data Converters with a highly linear RF front-end, while utilizing both Digital Correction and Advanced DSP algorithms for performance optimization.

The STN93321 features a narrowband tuner for power outage support, SPI interface for chip programming, and a highly advanced industry-leading built-in spectrum monitoring tool. This tool performs as a high dynamic range spectrum analyzer for signals in both Downstream and Upstream directions at the same time. This provides critical Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) information to cable operators, assisting them to fully track, support and maintain modems, gateways and networks. STN93321 is already designed into the new generation of intelligent Remote PHY Nodes for its spectrum monitoring and PNM capabilities by leading network equipment manufacturers.

"SiTune's new STN93321 cable RF Front End combines the highest level of integration and performance, together with the lowest power consumption currently available in a single chip" said Vahid Toosi, SiTune's founder and CEO. "Simply put, STN93321 provides best-in-class signal reception at the lowest price. It also introduces a unique industry-leading total spectrum analyzer within the RF Front End for PNM applications."

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GOWIN SSAN JOSE, Calif. and GUANGZHOU, China, July 1, 2019 -- GOWIN Semiconductor Corp., the world’s fastest-growing programmable logic company, announces the release of it’s latest product line called SecureFPGA. SecureFPGA is targeted for endpoint and server management applications utilizing built-in security functions to eliminate the rise of security attacks and breaches in edge computing.


Connected devices in our day to day lives are the new norm. However, with the growth of these devices comes the increased threat to steal data and impair edge and IoT platforms. Attacks on connected utility monitoring systems, automated factories, and automobiles are becoming everyday occurrences. To stop these kinds of attacks a secure root of trust at the edge, followed by secure authentication techniques to connect to the cloud is required.


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GOWIN Semiconductor Corporation

GOWIN Semiconductor Corporation, the world’s fastest growing programmable logic company, today announces the appointment of GoRep Limited as its representative in Europe. This appointment represents further expansion in the territory following other recent distribution announcements as well as the opening of a European sales office and appointment of a Director of Sales and General Manager.

“We are delighted to have appointed GoRep as our representative in Europe and Middle East. Their high calibre sales force has long experience in the FPGA market and support for all major segments including communications, industrial, automotive, computing andconsumer,” said Mike Furnival, Director of Sales at GOWIN Europe. “We have no doubt that this appointment will further enhance our recent strong revenue growth and design win momentum in China and more recently, rest of Asia and North America. Their focus and commitment is second to none and we feel sure that as a result our European business and customers will benefit significantly over the coming months.”

“We are very excited to be working with GoWin, supporting the company’s growth in the European region. We will be working hard to help build and grow the company’s already impressive customer momentum in other regions” said Peter Rogers, Founder at GoRep. “The technology GoWin brings to the market is very exciting and has the opportunity to change the landscape of FPGAs and SoCs very rapidly. Furthermore it is and excellent synergistic fit for our other major vendors.”

About GOWIN Semiconductor Corp.

Founded in 2014, GOWIN Semiconductor Corp., headquartered with major R&D in China, has the vision to accelerate customer innovation world wide with our programmable solutions. We focus on optimizing our products and removing barriers for customers using programmable logic devices. Our commitment to technology and quality enables customers to reduce the total cost of ownership from using FPGA on their production boards. Our offerings include a broad portfolio of programmable logic devices, design software, intellectual property (IP) cores, reference designs, and development kits. We strive to serve customers in the consumer, industrial, communication, medical, and automotive markets worldwide.

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GOWIN Semiconductor announces release of the new Gowin Eda Tools for improved performance on new FPGA product families

San Jose, CA and Guangzhou, China, Feb. 22, 2019 - GOWIN Semiconductor Corp., the world’sleadinginnovator of programmable logicdevices, announces the release of GOWIN’s new EDA tool, Gowin® EDA 1.9. With the release of this new toolchain, GOWIN willenableenhancedfeatures and performance capabilities on theircurrent and future FPGA productfamilies.

EDA toolchains are becomingincreasinglycomplex as FPGA applications are integrating more functions for the cloud and endpointmarkets. To enablethiscomplexity change, the new toolchainwillincludeGowinSynthesis, an enhanced front end logicsynthesistooldesigned and developed by the GOWIN EDA software team. It’s a significantmilestone for GOWIN as the total toolchainisnowcompletelydesigned in-house, allowing for quick qualityimprovements as well as product updates for customers time to marketrequirements. WhileGOWIN’sFPGA’swillbe more optimized for IP, performance, and utilizationusing the new Gowin® EDA 1.9 toolchain, the toolchainwilladditionally support the currentSynopsysSynplify Pro synthesistoolalreadyintegrated.

"The development of the new synthesistoolis a major step for GOWIN,” said Alan Liu, Director of Software Development, GOWIN Semiconductor. “Wecannowmaketooladjustments in real-time, enhancing the userexperience.”

GOWIN EDA (Gowin® EDA) is an easy-to-useintegrated design environment, providingdesignengineerswith a one-stop solution. The complete GUI basedenvironmentcovers FPGA design entry, code synthesis, place & route, bitstreamgeneration, download, and online debugging of GOWIN FPGA’s on customer’sboards. The new toolchainalsoincorporates the followingupdated IP blocks:


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GOWIN Semicondusctor to participate at Embedded World2019

Semiconductor Corp., the world’sleadinginnovator of programmable logicdevices, willexhibit at Embedded World 2019 on February 26-28 in Nuremberg, Germany, showcasingtheirlatest FPGA technology to the Europeanmarket. Theywillbelocated in the Eldisbooth, Hall 3A Stand 708.

Embedded World, heldannually in Germany, isEurope’sleadingtrade show for all embedded solutions and technologies. With over 1000 exhibitors, itis one of the world’slargestfairsfocussingexclusivelyon state-of-the-art embedded technologies.  This is the first time that GOWIN Semiconductorwillbe in attendance.

GOWIN willbefeaturingitsleading FPGA solutions, including the GW1NS SoCproductfamilyfeaturing ARM Cortex M3 hardcore, the GW1NZ zero power family, the GW1N LittleBeelow power non-volatile family, and the GW2A Arora high-performance familyfeaturing PSRAM and support for RISC-V architecture suitable for ultra-low power IoT applications. There willalsobe a number of demossupportingtheseproductsincluding an SD carddemo and an LVDS to MIPI high-speed videodemo.

IoT and edgecomputingwillbesome of the hottest topics at Embedded World 2019.  GOWIN willdiscussitslatest GW1NS FPGA SoCproduct as it relates to these topics and the needs of the consumer, industrial, and communication markets. In the smallest package availabletoday, the GW1NS provides the only  all-in-one and mostcost-effective programmable solution for innovativeIoT and edgecomputing applications. GOWIN and Eldis look forward to welcoming all interestedcustomers and partners to Eldisbooth in Hall 3A Stand 708.

About GOWIN Semiconductor Corporation

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