SiTune Introduces High-Performance DOCSIS 3.1 "Total Spectrum Reception™" (TSR™) Cable RF Front End

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- SiTune Corporation, an innovative pioneer in CMOS Radio Frequency (RF) transceivers, tuners and wireless radios today announced the release of its latest Cable RF Front End chipset, STN93321. This chip is an advanced, high-performance, low power, TSR (Total Spectrum Reception) cable RF Front End optimized to surpass the strictest performance requirements associated with DOCSIS 3.1 digital cable modems and gateways.

The new STN93321 cable tuner acquires and digitizes the entire 54MHz to 1218MHz downstream spectrum, making it capable of supporting multi-Gb/s broadband access for cable users. It is also capable of transmitting upstream OFDMA channels up to the frequency of 204MHz per DOCSIS 3.1 requirements. STN93321 can deliver 32 QAM and 2 OFDM (192MHz) downstream channels over multiple high-speed SERDES interface lines to the Intel Puma Processors. A complete D3.1 Reference design based on STN93321 is available and tested according to CableLabs ATP requirements by leading cable CPE manufacturers.

STN93321 is designed based on "Total Spectrum ReceptionTM" (TSRTM) technology which is an innovative low-power, high dynamic range patented architecture enabling total DOCSIS 3.1 frequency band reception. At its core, TSRTM technology integrates multi-Gb/s high-speed Data Converters with a highly linear RF front-end, while utilizing both Digital Correction and Advanced DSP algorithms for performance optimization.

The STN93321 features a narrowband tuner for power outage support, SPI interface for chip programming, and a highly advanced industry-leading built-in spectrum monitoring tool. This tool performs as a high dynamic range spectrum analyzer for signals in both Downstream and Upstream directions at the same time. This provides critical Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) information to cable operators, assisting them to fully track, support and maintain modems, gateways and networks. STN93321 is already designed into the new generation of intelligent Remote PHY Nodes for its spectrum monitoring and PNM capabilities by leading network equipment manufacturers.

"SiTune's new STN93321 cable RF Front End combines the highest level of integration and performance, together with the lowest power consumption currently available in a single chip" said Vahid Toosi, SiTune's founder and CEO. "Simply put, STN93321 provides best-in-class signal reception at the lowest price. It also introduces a unique industry-leading total spectrum analyzer within the RF Front End for PNM applications."

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